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It’s unfortunate that I had to chalk up most of my college musical training to a loss leader. Those who can’t…teach, and those who can’t and are really f$%kin’ bitter about it….become music instructors at NYU.

The glowing exception to this statement was Dr. Walter W. Reinhold(R.I.P.), who I had the privilege and honor to study under for 4 semester(ok, 5 I’m a shite student).

One of his best lectures was on the “Golden Ratio”. I can’t even begin to describe it, so just peep this wikipedia article:

The Golden ratio

Also, If 222 stunningly well written articles on the history of western art/music/culture sounds like your thing (and you’ve got $70 to burn) I HIGHLY recommend buying Reinhold’s Culture 4.0 CD. Culture 4.0