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Mingus Plays Piano

I picked this record up years ago at Kim’s video. It’s pretty much just 11 cuts of Mingus screwing around on the piano. It’s fucking genius. I listen to this record sometimes and actually question weither I even have any business fucking with this music thing. It’s that good.

I mean, the guy is a fucking bass player for fucks sake. Most people I play the album for are like, “Wait, But doesn’t Mingus plays bass??!? HOLY SHIT!!!”

This is one of those jazz records you HAVE TO OWN. Yeah sure, keep a copy of “Kind of Blue” around so you can look bourgie and impress suburban chicks and shit but if you wanna a serious EXPERIENCE, turn out all the lights in your apartment and listen to this record.

It actually feels like bol is sitting in the room with you playing the piano.

Charles Mingus, “Myself when I am real”

The album on Amazon