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When it comes to music production now a days, the amount of options is unbelievable. There’s so many softsynths & pluggins n’ crap that all these options actually start to get in the way of things. Every producer or musician has that one friend who has tons n’ tons of “stuff”. They’re studio is filled wall to wall with gear but they’re still looking for that one magic box that will make their sound better.

There is no magic box.

The trick is to pick just a few boxes or a few pluggins and learn them inside out.

Pick 1 synth, 1 sampler, 1 multi-fx, 1 eq, 1 compressor & learn how to do backflips with them.

Don’t worry too much about having the “right” tools when your starting out. The first 20 tracks you write are gonna suck pretty bad weither you write them on a cracked copy of fruity loops or $50,000 pro-tools HD system.

Constraints are good, they challenge you to be creative.