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ill esha: you mean externalize?
thejonsdj: no internalize…like Bruce Lee said, “when I first learned to fight a punch was just a punch and a kick was just a kick” “then after years of training a punch was NEVER just a punch(it was a high punch or a low punch or a sideways punch) and a kick was never a kick”
ill esha: ahh I see
thejonsdj: “now that I’ve found my way, a punch is just a punch and kick is just a fuckin’ kick”
ill esha: anyways, you can go watch TV while I do sound design a bit, how’s that
thejonsdj: We should go on a sample binge…hook the tv up to the computer
ill esha: That would be fun!
thejonsdj: or purposely try n’ crash my computer n’ record it
ill esha: Uh, no. Crashing sucks
ill esha: gay ass Cubase VST
thejonsdj: nah crashing is an artform….there are so many machines that control our lives, the atm, the soda machine, your average DAW…there’s something deliciously satisfying about recording their death squeels n’ making music out of it
thejonsdj: it’s very Lee Perry, “bury your master tapes in your back yard to give them funk” -esque

ill esha: You know, you really should keep a journal
ill esha: I bet it would be a good read

homework assignment #3
One of my earliest experiences with proper electronic music was watching Trent Reznor(of Nine Inch Nails fame) vivisect a yamaha keyboard on the stage of the Roseland ballroom in 1994.

Your homework? Take a (cheap) piece of gear and kill it. MURDER IT.

As Tyler Durden would have said, “I wanted to destroy something beatiful”

take that edirol drum machine that’s been languishing in your closet and light it on fire(keep a fire extinguisher handy of course but….)


Write a song out of it’s spastic R2d2 death squeels.

It’s almost 2006 and we still don’t have our fucking hovercars…

we’ve exhausted the
fossil fuels…..

the ozone has depleted to the point that I’m wearing a pullover fleece on x-mas day in NYC!?!?%?$?~!

We got into dn’b because it was the aural equivilent ofpoetic terrorism

start walking the walk